Paint , Wood and Words

I have always loved words, especially quotes. I save tea bag tags that inspire me. I find old napkins or receipts in my purse with beautiful quotes scribbled about that I have heard in passing. Words are beautiful.

Years ago, I began painting quotes on driftwood and other weathered, noteworthy wood I found laying around. Then, life got busy and free time was hard to come by. I kept my paint and kept up my quote collecting, knowing someday I could jump back into this project. When the Coronavirus hit, this was one of the first things I did. Lack of time was no longer an issue, I still had plenty of paint, and I am now married to a forester, so our wood shop is quite stocked! Painting insightful, uplifting words seemed like a way to add beauty and light to a dark and heavy world at the time, while also making a little extra money in a time of financial uncertainty. From quotes to phrases to garden markers and beyond, here are just a few...

If you see something you like, let me know and it's yours! Prices are whatever you would like to pay.

If you don't see something you like, but have a favorite quote, phrase, word, expression, song lyrics you would like, let me know! I would love to create it for you.

For painting inquiries, email me at, or leave me a message on the "Contact" page.