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I started writing music in 2012 when I was a part of a group called Free the Honey. This group was born around the idea of writing and performing songs of our own, giving the world something fresh, something authentic, and this experience sparked a love that has only grown with time.

This solo project serves as an outlet for all of the songs and stories that I write and wish to tell that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle. My stories are of life: the people, places, experiences and happen-chance that make all of us who we are. The songs don't come to me routinely, but might be inspired by humans and their stories, hardship near and far, a tree that stands alone, family, powerful music and anything in between. Life is beautiful and painful and moving.  It deserves to be captured. I choose to do so in song.

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Storm Pass

The parts know each other well. A husband, a wife, and two good buddies, this quartet emerged out of various living room pickin’ circles. Now a unit, they have come together to play the music that makes them come alive; the music that so apparently has guided their lives for many years. The stories are raw, genuine and human and this group leaves it all on the stage, no matter the platform.

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